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Bimini Dolphin Discovery
Bimini Big Game Club - Dolphin Discovery
Bimini Dolphin Swim

In the mid-1990s, a pod of Wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins took up residence in the warm waters of Bimini, giving rise to one of the most enjoyable experience one can have when visiting Bimini - interacting in the water, in the wild, with these magnificent animals. No scuba, not even a snorkel is required - just you and the dolphins against the backdrop of Bimini's mesmerizing crystal bluegreen waters.

Stenella frontali is the scientific name for Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. As the name suggests, Spotted Dolphins are commonly recognized by their spots that develop as they age. Most interestingly, they lead very complex social lives. They form smaller sub groups within their pod such as: Mothers with the same age calves, mixed sex juveniles and mature males. The groups ranges from 3 to 9 individuals with the overall pod size being about 50. Spotted Dolphins exhibit numerous social behaviors like companionship, affection, aggression and play and when two dolphin are swimming together they will be in almost constant physical contact with each other.

Dolphins swimming at Bimini Resort
Dolphins swim with music at Bimini Big Game Resort

The dolphins are free spirits and swim to their own music, so to speak. They certainly don't operate on a fixed performance schedule or show up on cue, and that makes it all the more magical when they do. These wild spotted dolphins come to play with us of their own free will. It is a natural encounter with wild dolphins that are in complete control of the interaction. They can appear or disappear at anytime. Dolphin encounters can last from a few minutes to several hours each.

It is not uncommon for Bimini's dolphins to come extremely close to you during your swim. However, for the health and safety of the dolphins, no touching, feeding or chasing is permitted. They generally prefer you to swim with your arms down at your sides or behind your back, not reaching out for them. And be forewarned, their eye contact is hypnotic!

Today a variety of operators come to Bimini to showcase this unique wild dolphin encounter, one of only five places in the world where these encounters occur. Why? No one knows for sure. What we do know for sure at Bimini Big Game Club, is we're here to help you enjoy this truly unique experience. Let the Bimini Big Game Club Dive Center team and our knowledge of local waters help you find the wild dolphins, enjoy their mystical energies, and possibly change your life and outlook forever.

Individual Scuba Dive & Snorkeling Rates. All dive pricing includes weights, tanks & belts

Dolphin Encounter includes Mask, Fins and Snorkel-Make sure to book ahead-4 diver minimum Rates
Adults Rates $120.00
Children Rates $100.00

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Please Note : The resort pool will be under renovation from April 6 - May 20, 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience. And although the resort is located on the water, an alternate swimming option is the beach, just a 3 minute walk across the island from the resort entrance.