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DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! From there, everything else is pretty easy. You'll find Bimini is easy going, and easy to get around. Bahamian currency trades at par with US currency, which is accepted openly, and often preferred. Most established businesses accept credit cards, but having cash on hand is recommended, and there is a local bank and ATM in Alice Town if you run short.

Water is drinkable, and power is reliable; phones operate and internet is prevalent. All in all, Bimini has a long history accommodating visitors and that tradition continues. A bit more detail on visiting is as follows:

Travel : A valid passport is required to enter the Bahamas. Keep a copy of your white Bahamas Immigration Form, which you will fill out on your arriving flight and be given upon entry clearance. It will be collected when you depart. If traveling by air, we recommend that you carry a change of clothing and your necessary personal items such as medications in your carry-on bag in the event you arrive before your bags.
Currency : US currency is accepted in the Bahamas. Other currencies should be exchanged for Bahamian dollars or US dollars prior to traveling. The Royal Bank of Canada, the only bank on the island, is located on Kings Highway, a short stroll from the hotel, and does have an ATM machine that accepts US ATM cards and dispenses Bahamian dollars. The resort accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express, as well as travelers checks drawn on U.S. banks.
Air Arrival : It's a small airport. Upon arrival into Bimini, you'll clear immigration, pick up your luggage and clear Customs, then exit the arrival room and airport. Generally, several taxi vans will be waiting - they are pretty much time their schedules based on scheduled arrivals and communication with the airport as to inbound charters. Please take a taxi to the Ferry Dock, and transfer by water taxi to Bimini Big Game Club Dock the approximate trip by land and sea is 10 minutes. The combined charge for the land and Sea taxi is $7.00.
Sea Arrival : Upon arrival to the marina, you must clear your vessel and crew with Customs, which is located a short stroll from the marina, and pay a fee which is based on vessel length: $150 per vessel 30' and under; $300 per vessel over 30'. The fee includes clearance, cruising permit and fishing permit for up to four people with a charge of $20 per additional person over the age of 6 years. Fees are valid for two entries within a 90-day period. Only the vessel's captain is permitted ashore for purpose of clearing Customs and Immigration, with the remainder of crew required to remain aboard until clearance procedures are completed. Customs and Immigration accept CASH ONLY. Keep your receipt from Customs for your return visit so you don't have to repay entrance within the 90 days.
Power : Bimini Big Game Club is operated with 110V/220V AC supplied by the Bahamas Electric Company. US appliances work without the need for converters.
Water : Water is supplied by the local water company. Fresh water supply is limited, and we ask that guests conserve water when possible.
Internet Access : Free Wi-Fi throughout the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina property and Bimini Bar & Grill Restaurant.
Emergencies : If you have an emergency, please call our reservation office at 1-800-867-4764. The phone number for the Club is 242-347-3391.
Dress : Dress at the Club is casual. The days of formal wear at the Bimini Big Game Club are long gone!
Drinking Water : Machine on property. Bring your own Gallon container and fill for $1.00 a Gallon or $3.00 for 5 Gallons of water
Cable TV : Throughout Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina and Big Game Bar & Grill
Bank : Royal Bank of Canada is within walking distance
Golf Cart Rentals : Within walking distance
Laundry facilities : Within walking distance

Contact Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Reservations 1-800-867-4764
Local 1-242-347-3391
Please Note : The resort pool will be under renovation from April 6 - May 20, 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience. And although the resort is located on the water, an alternate swimming option is the beach, just a 3 minute walk across the island from the resort entrance.